Monday Funday

Two finals down. Three to go.

My two easiest finals were today so I’m not trying to be too confident but I think I did pretty well. (My Wednesday and Thursday finals might be a different story.) But you want to know what my motivation was the entire time?

Two Letters, from my sister, that I got in my mailbox that morning.

The outsides:

finals1 finals2

(The Turtle that Could is seriously making me cry tears of happiness.)

The insides:


(Yes, the clouds are made out of paper towels. It’s awesome.)


Precious right? I was grinning from ear to ear and after I was done re-reading the letters multiple times, I hung them up on my wall. Now I will wake up every morning with a smile on my face.

She is now accepting crafty card orders. Gotta make a living in college somehow! 🙂

Three days are left between me and Christmas break. Lets go.

Finals Fuel:


I like chocolate Christmas presents.  No this is not my seventh one, shhhh.


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