A Day in the City

Today I spent the afternoon with my sister and we went Christmas shopping, ate yummy food, talked about life, and watched a Christmas movie. I had such a fun time!

We started the afternoon with lunch at Start. Also known as my new forever favorite restaurant. Their motto is Real Food Fast and they definitely delivered.

I went with the organic veggie-bean quinoa burger on a gluten-free bun with a side of sweet potato tots. Best meal ever.


The burger was superb and the sweet potato tots were excellent. I recommend this place 100%. I now know where I will eat whenever I’m in the city.

Afterwards, we put our shopping faces on and headed to Half-Price Books.


Some organic green tea was in order for successful shopping.


We were able to score some Christmas presents and sneak some pictures in front of the giant tree in the mall. (We may or may not have watched people fall ice skate below us for thirty minutes.)

After we were done, we headed back to my sisters place to eat some delicious veggie pizza (forgot a picture) and watch Christmas in Connecticut.

We also broke into some of the leftover gluten-free desserts and I managed to help out eating a peanut butter cup the size of a small cake. You just can’t go wrong with peanut butter and chocolate.


When I got home I was [shockingly] looking in the fridge (because clearly I hadn’t eaten enough today) and I saw this:


It’s like only my dream to get an edible arrangement one day. And while this edible arrangement was for my dad, he kindly said I could eat from it. Yes, the pineapples are shaped like stars.

A boy once asked me what kind of flowers I would want a guy to get me and I said an edible arrangement. I look back on that and think I possibly should have stuck to flowers…he may have been a little confused and weird-ed out. Oh well.

What are your favorite flowers to receive? 

Since I am not going to say edible arrangements again, I would definitely go with daisies.


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