Semester Numero Two

Whoa. What a start to my second semester of college. I’m not going to lie, this semester started off noticeably harder than last semester. I got sick the second week and am still fighting off a sinus infection, classes are considerable harder (and more boring) than last semester, and I learned sometimes you must have tough conversations with people and these conversations could result in a good or bad fashion.

On the bright side, for Martin Luther King Day, I managed to plan a hiking trip and eighteen people came! It was a lot of fun and I wanted to sit at the top for hours (or forever). Afterwards, we went to went to Buffalo Wild Wings and refueled from the trek.

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It’s been quite chilly here so I have been wearing my new blue coat (from Christmas) quite often. I snapped this picture today in class as I realized I was wearing a blue coat, carrying a blue purse, and eating a blue breakfast.


Tonight I made myself skip out on the usual Friday festivities (read: movie night) and camp out at Starbucks. This week I have:

Four tests.

Three musical practices.

Two hours of observing at an elementary school.

One paper due.

(And a partridge in a pear treeeeee) 😉


I just finished writing my five-page paper so I rewarded myself with a long over due blog post. The paper was my educational autobiography so I actually enjoyed writing it. Plus, anything is better than working on 350 biology review questions.

I am slightly unsure of which test to start studying for since they all promise to be difficult. I’m not trying to rush life, but I really think I will be glad for this week to be over. My club has a painting function on Friday that I’m going to (with a blind date…what have I got myself into?) so that is my reward for the end of the week!

Have a Fabulous First week of February.

For all you other organizer junkies:

This is my organization wall. AKA I forgot to complete a math assignment, got a zero, freaked out, and created a reminder wall that will never let me forget to turn in an assignment again.


I’m off to spring musical practice till midnight….

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