Sweaters and Pep Talks

Last night, as I was taking a break from homework, I was sitting on my bed enjoying some cafeteria food (ha!), watching old TV episodes of Bewitched (featuring my favorite, Elizabeth Montgomery), and I decided to get crafty. As many of you have probably seen, leg warmers under your boots are popping up everywhere. I had seen some Pinterest ideas of how to use and old sweater and make leg warmers, so I went for it.

I know there is a more formal way of completing the project (like, with a sewing machine) but all I did was cut off the sleeves.


I started with an old sweater from my freshmen year of high school. Then I simply cut the sleeves off, right below the arm pits.


And there you go, leg warmers- just in time for Sunday church.

With the leftover sweater, I cut it up a bit more and made an “infinity” [circle] scarf.


So, whenever you are in need of a Saturday night homework procrastinating project, look no further.

Also, since tomorrow is Monday and this week does not look to promising, I have two short videos you MUST watch to start your week.

This little girls “interview” completely melted my heart. And I have watched it at least five times.

Secondly, this little boy might just give you enough energy to skip the morning cup of coffee. Just watch and see…

What is your trick to a happy Monday?

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