Gone with the Week

I should have titled this post, “Gone with the Months” since these photos are all the way from the start of the semester to this past week. I can not believe how crazy busy/awesome this semester has been. The first couple weeks started off a little rough but it has been all up hill from there. Spring sing practices, Saturday morning IHOP runs, late night baking, Friday night girls night, Tea Tuesday, new Bible studies, and daily conversations and time with friends is so much fun. I absolutely love college. In fact, I do not want the semester to end. At all.

Anyways, enough of that first year freshmen giddiness (I’m hoping I still feel this way senior year…), and on to some “what I’ve been up to” photos:


1. The first function of the semester for my club was “Painting with a Twist.” Aka, a really artsy person tried to guide us through the steps of painting a perfect sunset…it never turns out like they do it but it was still a lot of fun!


2. My club jersey finally came in! Now every Friday I can proudly show my love for  Chi Omega Pi.


3. This sticky note is right above my bed and I read it every single day. It is God’s constant reminder to me and my tendency toward anxiety. I love seeing such a precious promise every time I go to sleep and wake up. #Jesuscalling


4. Sometimes when we have spring sing practice at 9:00 AM on a Saturday mornings, we reward ourselves with IHop and a trip to Wal-Mart afterwards. I love my friends.


5. I didn’t think I would get anything for Valentines Day (except from my Dad because he always remembers his girls!) and I ended the day with some very sweet gifts. Needless to say, even without the gifts, this was hands down the best Valentines Day yet. Not to mention we had a chocolate and She’s the Man movie night. (In case the picture didn’t answer your question, my favorite candy is Reeses.)


6. My verse for the semester. My mom reminded me of that verse over break and I didn’t think much of it till I got back to school and realized how serious it is. It too is on a sticky note by my bed and has been a great reminder and comfort to always, always guard my heart.

My only complaint of this semester? I am so. so. so. so. so. sick of cafeteria food. It gets progressively worse everyday. Instead of craving sweets like normal, I just crave a real meal- like an identifiable piece of meat, or something without the word “fried’ in it, or just something healthy other than salad with crappy dressing on it. I pretty much eat baked or mashed potatoes at every meal and milk and whatever odd piece of protein I can find…and veggies if they aren’t labeled “mixed greens” and resemble cow throw up. If I could, I would just make a sandwich everyday but they don’t have gluten free bread.

Ok, I digress. 

Happy Thursday!!!

What fun facts do you have about your week?

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