Glo Run 5K

Last weekend, I participated in a local 5k run. The run was in support of a women and children’s safety home and took place at night, hence the name “Glo Run, Light up the Streets.” My friend and I signed up and planned on training a little but with the craziness of this semester, we had no time. I think I ran twice in February before the race.

Anyways, I love running at night and have been wanting to sign up for a race and just see physically where I was at. So we decided to just have fun since we didn’t train (not that you need to for a 5k, unless you are trying for a specific time). Our goal was to come in under 35 minutes, although I secretly wanted under 30 minutes.



The course was downtown and everyone was decked out in glow sticks and neon. It was a pretty easy course with not much incline, although the lighting was not so great. I’m used to running at night so I didn’t think it was too bad but I heard a few people saying they couldn’t see. There was a lot of great energy though and I felt good the whole time. (I really wanted to sprint at the end but my friend was having a little trouble breathing, so we took it easy.)



Our final time was 29.19! It may not seem fast to many, but we were pretty excited! (When I had been running on my own, I usually ran 3.2 miles in about 33-35 minutes so now I know I can push myself harder.) Also, our goal was to keep up with a girl from school who is really athletic (and one of our spring musical directors) and we ended up beating her! I think we were almost more excited about that then about coming in under 30 minutes.


We still had spring sing practice that night from 9:00-11:00 so after the race we grabbed some fro-yo since we had a little time to kill. And because refueling is very important. And because exercise should make you strong, not thin.

I went with vanilla bean and Reese’s- calcium and protein, for the win.

Overall, I had a blast and definitely want to run another race soon! Right now I’m just going to focus on running for fun because I don’t want to get to obsessed with numbers and what-not. Maybe someday I’ll try to set some personal records, but right now, I’m focusing on enjoying where I am in life right now, and competitions just aren’t on the agenda.

Happy Running!

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