Spring Break in Steamboat

I had an awesome opportunity this spring break to head to Steamboat Springs, Colorado with a friend and going skiing! I had a wonderful time on the trip skiing, meeting new people, cooking fun meals, exploring the local town, and remembering why I love Colorado so much.

We stayed at a resort right at the base of the mountain and were able to literally walk outside and get on a ski lift. It was awesome and super convenient.


The resort condo had plenty of room, a huge kitchen table, two fire places, a balcony, and extremely comfy beds. 🙂

We skied two full days. The mountain had so many different trails so I stuck to greens and blues. The views were breathtaking.


I didn’t take many food pictures at all but managed to grab a picture of a cheesecake ball (WHAT? Cheesecake ball? I know. We had about five.) The last day, we went into town to grab breakfast and went to the cutest local cafe. Now that is what I call a veggie omelet (avocado on top) and a fresh fruit cup.

One night we ate at a Mexican restaurant in town and the other nights we cooked dinner at the condo and had a great time socializing over spaghetti and chili.


Needless to say, it was an awesome trip and I still managed to have about three days home with my family with was great. Definitely a spring break for the books. 😉


I currently just finished unpacking everything from spring break back into my dorm room and am getting ready for the week ahead.

Next week is the spring musical so this week is going to be insane. And so much fun. We have practice everyday this week and then all day Saturday and half of Sunday. Here goes!

What did you do for spring break? Any fun plans for Easter weekend? 

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