A New Season

Hey friends! Long time no see. 🙂 Told you I would be back, it just took a little longer then expected to get a post written.

I am currently back at college, kicking off the semester with a lot of new changes. But God is good and is carrying me through it all.

Heres a quick recap of what I’m up too…

This summer, I had the opportunity to work at a camp in Colorado (my most beloved state) for three months and had an awesome experience!

coloradoI have so many pictures, but have no idea where to start. Lets just say, the people were the best part. I went to Colorado with one main focus: explore the mountains and be outside as much as possible. And then I got there, and met all these wonderful people and remembered something God has been teaching me- be intentional in relationships. Colorado and its beauty will always be there, but these other 50 college students I get to work with for three short months, won’t always be there. I had a wonderful time, learned a lot of lessons, and never want to scrub a bathroom again. 😉

Another new and exciting happening as of lately is the engagement of my sister! It happened June 22nd and she has been busy planning since then for an upcoming October wedding. I am so happy for her and loving being a part of the wedding process.


I am now currently one month into my sophomore year of college, still as an elementary education major. I have new roommates this year and a dorm room with a kitchen so it has been nice cooking little meals at home as opposed to eating in the overly crowded and unhealthy cafeteria.

Christmas music and green tea are part of my afternoon routine each day while I’m working on homework. This semester will involve a lot of Chi-O’s activities with bid day and pledge week, weekly observations in elementary schools, and hopefully more involvement in church activities. (And other random college adventures.)

green tea

Somedays its hard to be back…I miss the “freshmen glow” (aka no fear to talk to anyone and be overly confident) and I miss the spring musical I was involved in. When they tell you each semester is different, they weren’t lying. This semester is totally different then last, but there is joy to be found in every situation.

So, some short term goals are getting me through this semester:

October- My sisters wedding!

November- Rugged Maniac 5k race with the roommate!

December- CHRISTMAS. My most favorite time of the year-the happiest season of all.

Missed you all and missed writing steady posts! Hope to be back soon with a recipe or something fun. 🙂

What was the best part of your summer? 


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