Educational Cookies

I have a night class each week for two hours called, Best Practices in Education. We basically learn all the up-to-date Common Core Standards and best teaching methods research is currently reporting. I enjoy the class for the most part (other than groups projects…I die a little inside when I hear a professor say group project) because the teacher is really fun and she makes two hours enjoyable.

The best part of the class however is “educational” snack time. This means that each week a person is in charge of bringing in a snack for the entire class, but it has to be educational.

This past week was my week so I decided to make make educational cookies.



Here is what the cookies looked like: chocolate chip cookies with vanilla frosting, sugar letters, and m & m’s.

Here is what I wanted them to look like: chocolate chip cookies with vanilla frosting with numbers (1-9) and symbols (+ – = *) and sprinkles. (The kids would then add, subtract, and multiply with the cookies.)

Here is what happened: college budget = not enough money for 60 perfect cookies. The letters were cheaper then the numbers and I totally forgot about sprinkles at the store and all I had was M & M’s….so there you go.

Nevertheless, they were yummy, I had leftovers, and I’m done with that job for the semester.

Just for fun, here was my favorite educational snack so far:


A rice crispy pumpkin with a tootsie roll stem. So cute. 🙂

What was your major in college? What is your job now?

I’m having a major, “what do I really want to do with my life?” crisis lately. Somedays I really like the idea of being a teacher and other days I am so terrified I’m tempted to change majors right then and there. I love kids, however teaching them is a big deal and not something to take lightly…therefore I want to make sure I’m really cut out for the job…and I don’t know yet if I am. 


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