Gone with the Week

Haven’t seen one of these posts in a while, huh? 🙂 Well, get ready for a random photo dump.

20131003-122737.jpg 20131003-122747.jpg 20131003-122757.jpg

Two of my roommates parents came to visit this weekend and LOADED us up with goodies. This is a small portion of the plethora of snacks….congo bars, monster bars, and two loaves of pumpkin bread. Ready for the best one? Pumpkin Spice Puppy Chow…yeah, I don’t even have a picture because we could not get over how good it was, I’m definitely go to get the recipe from her mom.


Saturday night fireworks. 🙂


My new favorite lunch obsession…baked sweet potato and shredded cheese, top with an egg and pepper.


They really should create gluten-free wheat thins (I know, contradicting title). Back in the day I could eat these everyday; now that I’ve tried to eat less gluten I haven’t bought them in years. But I still miss them.


Once upon a time, the roommate and I stumbled into a fabric store in search of some inspiration for our curtains. To say we found the crazy happiest fabric is an understatement. I love waking up to these…mountains, a sunset, palm trees, the beach, flowers, and flamingos…what could be better?


I almost wrote a post dedicated to my love of subway salads but then I decided that would be kind of weird. So I’ll just tell you now, I LOVE Subway’s chopped salads. Like more then any fancy restaurant salad. I get grilled chicken and cheese on top of a mound of chopped veggies and its amazing.


Sometimes (more often, then not lately) I have to remind myself of this. Focus on the Good.

How has your week been? Any fun random facts?


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