This Weekend.

I don’t often blog much about my weekends or exactly what I do, but I thought this weekend deserved some blog love.

You see, to put it plainly, this semester  has been hard. Its been completely different then my first two semesters and as much as I’ve been trying to stay positive, it’s hard.  And we try to keep it real life on blogs so I’m just going to be honest for a second.  I have days where I’m happy and I have (more) days when I’m sad. It takes me longer to deal with change and well, its taken me a while to get used to this semester.

I used to LOVE being super social 24/7 the past two semesters. I thrived off being around people and kind of hated being alone. This was opposite of high school so I was pretty excited to embrace this new lifestyle. There also wasn’t this suffocating pressure of being “alone” after college cause I didn’t really plan on dating freshman year anyways.  Well I don’t know what happened but all of the sudden we hit sophomore year and all these girl keep telling me they are preparing for being alone, or realize that they most likely wont get married after all. WE ARE TWENTY. And yet, we think that since we don’t have someone yet, we are doomed to be alone. And all of the sudden I’ve gotten trapped in this negative thinking that maybe I will end up alone also. And it’s awful and scary and confusing all at the same time. Becuase I don’t want to be waiting around for a guy…I want to be waiting on the Lord and simply that. And I don’t want the perception that if I’m a good enough Christian, God will send me someone. Because thats not our purpose on earth (though the “marriage factory” school I go to could beg to differ…), it’s to love God and love others. No waiting, just serving.

Anyways, that’s where I am right now…a confused college sophomore with so much going for her she just needs to reach out and embrace change and conquer confusion. I think I wrote most of this to try and convince myself so feel free to just look at the pictures. 🙂


It  rained most of this weekend (how fitting haha), but I actually enjoy rain a lot so I didn’t mind. I decided to blog about this weekend because, after a sad week, I had a happy weekend.


I checked my mail Friday after classes, not expecting to have anything and found two lovely letters. One was from a friend at camp this summer (!!!) who lives in Florida and another was from my high school math teacher. I loved reading both of them and was so surprised that my math teacher gave me a Starbucks card! I just thought that was the sweetest thing and beyond thoughtful of her, I know she is super busy but yet she took her time to write me a letter and give a little treat. 🙂

Friday night consisted of a study abroad meeting/get to know each other mixer in which they served us authentic pasta. The lead faculty I am studying abroad with seem awesome, so there was the first happy of the weekend.

Then after the meeting I headed over to a ChiOs sponsor house with a couple girls and we watched a movie, talked, and ate two cookie logs. It was so nice to be in a home, away from campus, with nothing to do but relax and eat haha. Happy #2.

cookie log

Then on Saturday, a friend and I headed to the big city to spend the day. We were supposed to go to a park and observe children for a class (I know, sounds really creepy) but it was pouring rain….so somehow we ended up at Target instead. We explored the park a little (cause we wanted to do some hiking also) but the weather was awful so we gave up.

After shopping a little (I got a present for my sisters wedding!), we made our way to Genghis Grill and Yogurt Monster.




YUM. Definitely worth not having enough money for groceries this week. 😉

Anyways, the day was great and relaxing and filled with good conversation and not a thought about the fact that I have 4 midterm exams and a 300 page book to read this week. (I’m just thinking of all that now…)

I’m ready for Thanksgiving break.

So here is to looking on the bright side, focusing on the positive, and giving thanks for the simple things. I may not be in the best shape I’ve been, but I’m doing alright.


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