Gone with the Week


Alright. Sometimes living in Arkansas isn’t that bad when you have skies like this.


I am almost positive that the only thing I spend my campus money on is Starbucks. I’m usually able to study well there though so it’s definitely a win-win situation.


I sure hope everyone else was as excited as I was when they released the 25 days of Christmas movies on abc family for this December! Mom, when I am home for break, be prepared to have movie night and hot cocoa every night. 🙂


There has been lots of icing here lately. My roommate thinks it shin-splints (cause she had it for two years) although I really really hope its not. The pain is sure annoying though. Any tips on preventing shin-splints?


Speaking of the roommate, we have sent my sister a wedding countdown picture (in our pajamas every night) since day 13 (I’m sure she is thrilled). We have tried to get creative like using our hammock, lining up our Chaco’s, and involving stuffed animals in the pictures.


Speaking of my sisters wedding, guess who is flying out of here tomorrow and heading to the wedding site?!?! This girl! I. Am. So. Excited.


Pinterest and all its pumpkin recipes have really been distracting me lately. I LOVE fall baking and pumpkin is probably the most amazing ingredient in the world. I plan to make several recipes over Thanksgiving/Christmas break. Sometimes I dream of dropping out of school and opening my own little healthy bakery and tea shop. If only it was that easy 😉

Need some cardio and laughter today? Please just go do this video.  I went to observe in a fourth grade classroom the other day and the teacher has the students do videos like this everyday because the district cut recess to ONLY 15 minutes a day, so she tries to give them little breaks. (15 mins is seriously ridiculous, I can’t even imagine how hyper those kids must be.)



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