Sunshine and Rain

Remember how I told you at the beginning of the semester that I had some short term goals or “rewards” I was looking forward to this semester?

Well, October is now over and my sister got married! That was obviously the thing I was looking forward to the most this semester as I was so excited about the whole wedding process and my sister being so happy. There is something so comforting to know that your sister is taken care of, that she’s not alone in the journey, and gets to spend it with her best friend. I am so thankful God heard her families prayers for a great godly man to lead and love her.




The wedding was so fun and wonderful and I have never seen a more glowing bride. Someone asked me what my favorite part of the wedding was, and that was easy to answer- being able to stand right next to my sister as she said her vows. I felt so honored (and also got extremely sentimental) and loved being able to be part of her big day. Plus, we are now a growing family of six and I have a brother!

So onto the “Rainy” part of this post as the title declares….

As you may also remember from my goals, I was planning on running a Rugged Maniac 5k with my roommate next saturday.

Well, due to a running/training injury, I will not be running the race.


I’m pretty disappointed and frustrated since we weren’t even training that long and this happened. Plus the doctor said I can’t run for 3 months. THREE MONTHS. Boo.

Not to mention I can tend to be a chronic people pleaser at times and feel so so bad that I can’t run the race with my roommate. I obviously didn’t plan for this to happen but we signed up together and I cant help but feel guilty. Plus, it’s going to suck watching her run the race as I sit aimlessly on the sidelines. Talk about a does of humble pie.

Ok, stepping off my soapbox.

At least my third goal for the semester can’t mess up. Christmas comes every year and I will be home for over a month and am so beyond ready for a break and ready to see my parents and sisters. Plus the newlyweds should be down for a visit *wink wink* so that will be extra fun.

2 thoughts on “Sunshine and Rain

  1. My darlin!!! I love you soo much it was my honor to have you there beside me! I’m praying for your foot you have such a good attitude!! Make something pumpkin when you’re home it’ll cheer ya up and hug everybody for me 🙂

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