Gone with the Week

Please be prepared for a scramble of random pictures from the past couple weeks- clearly it’s been a while.


For starters, there has been lots of studying and paper writing around here. Another good thing about my roommate is that she is a nursing major and studies all the time…so it motivates me to do likewise. Plus, I really want to get most of my homework done before Thanksgiving break so I can forget about school for a week.


Remember the race I couldn’t run? Yeah, it was even harder to watch then I thought…I cried multiple times. Despite my emotions though, my friends did great and were so kind about the whole thing. Also some tips for the Rugged Maniac…its definitely not as rugged as you think. Probably 90% of people were not in tip-top shape. It was definitely more of a fun race for people. There was even this group of women in all pink (including butterfly wings and headbands) that called themselves the “mudder-flies.” Yes, that was extremely fun to watch. So for next year, we know we don’t need to train hardcore.


I hope as you are reading this you are listening to Christmas music with your Christmas lights on and some peppermint tea in your hand. Cause then we would be twins.


I’ve really really missed Colorado lately. Like ah-lot. Especially when you climb a mountain and the snow is up to your waist at the top and you wore shorts. 🙂


So when I was feeling exceptionally down, I made and impromptu encouragement wall. My favorite is, “If you trust that My Plans are to prosper you and not to harm you, you can relax and enjoy the present moment.”


And then I made Christmas cookies for my education class. I put powdered sugar and red sprinkles to represent snow and Christmas lights. My roommate didn’t get it…Oh well, I hope they tasted good.


I seriously LOVE these shoes. I saw them right after I had my last study abroad meeting where they said bring warm, comfortable, waterproof shoes. I got so excited and was going to put them on my Christmas list…and then I saw the price. Boo.


Speaking of feet, physical therapy is quite interesting. I do weird things like pick up marbles with my feet, spell the alphabet with my foot, get ultrasounds, and have little electric things on my foot.


Reason #25894 why you shouldn’t eat in the caf…brown, brown, and browner.


I am on a clementine kick. I eat several a day and am hoping my two bags last me the next week, cause I’m kind of living on them right now.

On the bright side, this time next week I will be on a week break from school! I’ve literally never been more ready in my life.

What are your Thanksgiving plans?

Favorite thing to do on Thanksgiving break?

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