Italian Adventures

For the next 3 months, my posts will consist of writings and pictures from Europe! I am currently living in Florence, Italy to study abroad. I was so nervous about this semester because I didn’t know anyone going (there are 40 college students) but I am so happy now I decided to come. I have already made a lot of new friends and I mean, I’m living in Italy!

The cooks in the restored villa we live in cook amazing pasta each day. We eat pastries, cereal and cappuccinos for breakfast. Lunch is the largest meal in Italy and it is usually a large bowl of pasta, followed by a second course of meat (often pork or turkey) and vegetables. Not to mention bread and Nutella is ALWAYS on the table. Italians believe in enjoying long meals together, savoring the food and company. (Also, do not mix your meat in with your pasta, this is not how the Italians do it. They believe they are two separate courses.) Dinner is around 6:30 and is basically the same as lunch (pasta, bread, meat, veggies) just a little smaller. Banana, oranges and kiwis are always present on the table. 

I am taking 16 credit hours in Italy consisting of speech, Bible, lots of humanity classes, and aerobics (so I can eat more pasta). Our mornings typically consist of classes till 1:00 and lunch at 1:30. After classes we are either free to do whatever for the day or we have on site classes in Florence. 

Yesterday I had the amazing opportunity to go the the Uffizi and Vasari Corridor in Florence. They only allowed 10 students to go and thankfully I got the last spot on the list! We only had an hour in the Uffizi (because we are coming back for a tour with the whole group), but we got special access to the Vasari Corridor for over an hour. We were the only group in there and a security guard had to walk with us. I don’t know much about the Vasari Corridor except that when the Medici were in power, they created this corridor above the streets so they would not have to walk to work with the commoners. It is now full of beautiful paintings and painting worthy views. Then there is a long hall of about 1,000 self portraits of all the famous artists. Needless to say, AMAZING! I am very thankful they let us go in the corridor as most groups are not allowed to. 

After the Uffizi and Corridor, Emily, our assistant director took us to a cafe to get hot chocolate and lattes. I got a hot chocolate and it tasted like an expensive candy bar melted in a cup…yum. I wish my pictures would load so I could show you the picture. 

Nights at the villa are typically spent studying, playing cards or ping pong, eating (like all the time), or having tea time. I signed up to work abroad and got the job I wanted- tea time! Basically each night whoever is home can come to the living room and drink tea/eat cookies and chat about their day. My job is to get tea time ready (boil water, set out cookies, organize cups). It’s very easy, but it makes me feel like an English housekeeper which I secretly think I would have loved to be (if we still had those).

I have 5 roommates and they are great. Bathroom time is hard with 5 girls and a little bathroom but after camp this summer, I feel prepared. Our room has managed to blow the power in the villa (converters are so confusing) and one of my roommates got locked in the bathroom and we could not get her out for a little bit. It’s a blast. 🙂 Have I mentioned how much I love small groups? This is going to be an amazing semester.

I’m off to town now, talk to you soon!


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