Observations in Italy

I have noticed a lot of things living in Italy that I want to share. Mostly so I can look back and remember but also because it is fun.

Italians mostly wear shoes in the house and never go barefoot, so when we are in the villa we have to wear shoes or slippers. My mom bought me these colorful moccasins that I wear every single day without fail. 

It is not customary to drink milk after breakfast because Italians believe it does not digest well. Therefore, after lunch everyday they take a shot of espresso. We have these tiny little cups that are passed out after lunch with a shot in them. I have yet to take one because A) I can barely handle a cafe latte and B) Caffeine can keep me up all night if I’m not careful. I will try it soon though.  Plus it is fun to see peoples faces as they force it down. 

Florence is very people oriented compared to the United States, and I love it. Roads were built to allow pedestrians to have the right away as opposed to cars. Although you walk extremely close to the cars (and they drive VERY aggressively), there is always somewhere for people to walk. Instead of large suburbs that cause you to have to drive everywhere, flats and apartments cover the city from top to bottom. Many do not have yards but they walk everywhere so it is not as important. Balconies are full of flower boxes and laundry hanging on the line. I think I’m living in a romantic book. 

Italian is hard. We have Italian class for 2 hours a day with a quiz everyday. I’m already not the best at foreign languages and half of us keep messing up Spanish with Italian cause we took it in high school. Plus, whose idea was it to make objects masculine or feminine? So confusing. 

I have finished every single bowl of pasta placed in front of me. 

I love Italian food. It is a lot of carbs (bread, pasta, more bread) so I have a hard time feeling full for very long. However, people in Italy seem to have little problem with obesity. I have rarely noticed anyone extremely overweight. I’m guessing it is because they walk everywhere and although they eat a ton of carbs and rich food, they do not overeat (like many Americans). So, eat and enjoy your pasta…just go for a walk later. 

To order a cappuccino you say, “Vorrei un cappuccino.” That’s about all I know.

It has rained religiously everyday since we have been here. Yesterday was the first day for the sun to make an appearance. Thankfully I love rain. However, every single picture I take is going to be in my bright blue rain jacket.  

I love my tea time job. Before I came to Italy my mom and I watched all the episodes of the english series Call the Midwife (best show ever…please watch it.) Now that I am in Europe, I am reminded of the series with places I see and things we do. So while I am making the tea, washing dishes, and playing housekeeper, I feel like I am in a Call the Midwife series. 

Today we have classes in the morning and then onsite classes in Scandicci this afternoon. Sunday we are going to a mass and then the opera to see Madam Butterfly (so excited!), Monday we have an all day scavenger hunt in Florence with an assigned group. And then Tuesday morning (bright and early) we leave for a three day ski trip in the Alps. (Yeah, we don’t sleep much here.)



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