A Fancy Day in Florence




Look! I finally got a few pictures to load. None are from what I am writing about today but it’s better then nothing.

1. Dark chocolate and tiramisu gelato

2. Beautiful Florence

3. Gelato, friends, and rain.

Anyways, now for todays events…

We started the morning out at a church of christ church in Florence. The church was in a dome shaped chapel built in 1700s by a wealthy family that used it as their private chapel. It was freezing but the singing was beautiful in the structure. We sang hymns in English and Italian but the sermon was in Italian. I think I managed to pick all the split ends off my hair during it cause I couldn’t understand anything. Every time I looked around, someone in our group was asleep.

Afterwards we walked to an Italian restaurant and enjoyed the biggest meal yet. It started with a pasta in marinara sauce and as usual we all went crazy putting spoonfuls of fresh parmesan on it. Next was a lightly fried chicken steak and lemon rosemary potatoes. Salad came next with a balsamic dressing and vanilla ice cream finished up the meal. (And of course espresso shots, that I still haven’t tried). It seemed lavish to enjoy a meal like this because every time I have been out of the country so far has been for missions trip and we have eaten sandwiches and fast food. I had to remind myself this wasn’t selfish, but that my parents had payed extra money for me to be here and enjoy Italy to the fullest. (Thanks Dad and Mom!)

Following our fancy meal we headed to the opera! We saw Madam Butterfly which is a painfully sad story but the music was beautiful. It doesn’t seem real that people can actually sing that high. We had assigned seating and the opera lasted about three hours. Austin fell asleep beside me and didn’t wake up till he snored and disrupted two rows….like 40 Americans don’t stick out in a crowd already.

After the opera we squeezed on a tram with about a billion people to head back home and hike up the hill to the villa. Thankfully pizza and cookies & ice cream were awaiting our return and somehow even after a big lunch, I managed to put down two pieces of pizza, cookies, and ice cream.  We then had class for two hours (at 9:00 at night!) which was painful to stay awake for. Afterwards I made the evening tea and now I am about to go down and do the dishes. After that I’m hoping to get to bed in an hour or so because we have a group scavenger hunt in Florence and are climbing the Duomo tomorrow. Busy, busy, busy. Fun, fun, fun.



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