Scavenger Hunt and the Duomo




1. Top of the Duomo climb

2. Top of the Duomo

3. Fresco painting on the inside of the Duomo

Today was interesting to say the least. We have had this scavenger hunt planned for a while. We were divided into groups of five and given 15 places in Florence to go to and take pictures. We had about4 hours to complete this and it shouldn’t have taken more than 3 hours. We each had a job…photographer, navigator, interviewer, reader, and slide show maker.

Lets just start with the morning…we woke up to pouring rain and a 100% forcast for the rest of the day. Before we left, I asked the navigator if he had the blue book which had all our instructions and pictures we had to do. He said we did so we headed out. Our team started out with plans to walk to the bus stop, take the bus and then tram to Florence. Well the navigator decided to skip the bus and make us go all the way to the tram. When we finally got to Florence (already soaking wet), it turns out our navigator forgot the blue book in his room. We couldn’t decided what to do, our interviewer was about to kill the navigator, and the rest of us were really trying not to be annoyed.  We ran into one of the other groups and took pictures of their book, but it still didn’t work out well. Other little drama happened that was just kind of frustrating but me and Emily stuck together and tried to imagine the hot showers we could take tonight.

Basically for four hours we walked around in circles, soaking wet, and freezing freezing cold. It faithfully rained all day and the temperature dropped as the wind increased. The best part was stopping for pizza with our lunch allowance.

After this eventful scavenger hunt, we had onsite classes at the Cathedral di Santa Maria, the Duomo, and Baptistry. I really tried to enjoy them and make the most of it but I was so unbelievably cold. Me and Allie almost shed some tears. Everyone was tired, cold, and hungry but surprisingly our attitudes stayed pretty positive.

I think the best part of the day was climbing the Duomo and Bell Tower all the way to the top. It was a crazy amount of steps but SO beautiful at the top. My phone died on top of the Duomo so I didn’t get many pictures but I won’t forget the view. After an extremely long day, we headed back to the villa for dinner. Thankfully loads of pasta, bread, and Nutella helped warm us up. Now we are working on homework and then heading to bed…we leave at 6:30AM tomorrow for the ski trip. And right now my legs and mind can’t find the energy to get excited yet, but I’m going to get there!



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