Ski Trip to Northern Italy




The past three days, our group has been on a ski trip in the Alps. Before you hate me for the lack of pictures, I will admit to you that I took zero pictures the whole trip. The two top pictures were taken on the bus as we were leaving and the pastry was from a shop me and Allie ate dessert in before we left. I guess I just wanted to enjoy the moments and besides, I got some pictures with other people on their phones so hopefully I can get those. Plus, I’ll have the pictures in my memory forever.

I cannot explain to you how beautiful it was. I felt like I was in Narnia half the time with all the trees and beautiful scenery. I thought Colorado was beautiful (and it is!) but Italy is a whole different kind of preserved beauty. I loved riding up the ski lift and looking at all my surroundings.

DAY 1:

The first day we got there, you could either go to ski school or hit up the slopes on your own. I felt really proud of myself because out of 19 girls, only 3 of us didn’t go to ski school and I was one of the three! (In fact, half the girls never left the bunny slope the entire trip.) Let me also point out that they do not even have green slopes! They start at blue, then red, then black. The first day I skied with Allie, Derek, Nate, Garret, and Kevin. We had planned to start on blues but accidentally took a red. It was really steep but we managed down it. At one point Nate took of his skis and ran down he was so frustrated. (Some of the guys didn’t go to ski school because they were “athletic enough to pick up skiing” and they definitely got a big dose of humility.)

After the red we found the blue we meant to take and went down it. It was definitely my favorite run and I did it several times during the trip. It took you from top to bottom and was a great run. But now for the best story…so several of the ski school people decided to head up and try the mountain. Well, they accidentally went on number 6 (which was a really steep blue) and the results were catastrophic. Allie, Caleb, and I had just gone down it and were on the ski lift back up when we looked down….and literally, bodies were all over the hill. Ben was buried in the snow with his skis heading down the mountain without him, Michelle and Nate had collided, Alli was in a tree, and everyone else was either getting up from a fall or falling. It took the group two hours to get down a slope that takes about 10 minutes. We are pretty sure that they didn’t learn how to stop well in ski school because they would fly down a mountain, not be able to stop and run into the trees to stop. There  are so many stories from the trip, but our group had AMAZING attitudes about it all. We all had wipeouts and were able to laugh at ourselves and get back out there.

DAY 2:

Day two was ICY. It had snowed the night before but they groomed the snow in a way that it was crazy icy. I went with a group down some blues and we all wiped out a lot. I was going down the steep part of this one blue and completely ate it. I ran into a snow drift, lost a ski, and fell on ice (right on my tailbone…ouch). Thankfully Robbie was behind me because I couldn’t even get up. After that I totally psyched myself out and wanted to quit. My body hurt and I felt silly because everyone joked that me and Allie were professionals and here I am stuck in the snow. But then I remained myself that every single one of us (even Allie) had big wipe outs. So I stuck to blues that day and got my confidence back. I also helped Alli K. down some slopes and skied behind her to help her up when she fell. It was a lot of fun and I was glad to be there to encourage her and make myself not fall because I was supposed to be her guide haha.

DAY 3:

We woke up to snow on day 3 and were very excited! However, when we got to the top of the mountain, we realized it was snowing with 30 mph winds, and extremely foggy. You couldn’t even see the slope you were about to go down (which was kind of a good thing for me) and you couldn’t see people in front of you.Plus the wind and snow slashed your face. Allie and I started on blues, then did a red, then back to blues. We ended a little earlier because our hands and faces were numb and it was still so foggy. Plus, lets be honest…multiple parts of our bodies were sore and Allie’s knee was swollen. Every night we passed around the ibuprofen at dinner and shared our stories.

Overall, it was a blast and I think it helped make out group even closer. It was fun skiing with different people everyday and then hearing other peoples adventures that night. I also met an Italian man (that I almost ran into) on the slopes and he asked for my Facebook name and how old I was. So I gave him the wrong last name (cause I didn’t know what to say). But I did have a fun conversation and he couldn’t believe I was all the way from Texas. Plus I practiced my Italian a bit. 😉

We have classes for the next week and then head to Rome for three days! Out of all our group trips, this is the one I am most excited for. I cannot wait to see the Colosseum and all the history in Rome. For one of my humanities class I have to design and give the tour of one of the sites we are going to in Rome. Yes, I am completely terrified but thankfully I give my tour the first day we are there so I can get it over with. The girls are planning to watch the Lizzie Mcguire movie before we head to Rome (and find our Italian boyfriends)  so we are getting excited. I can’t wait for ROME!

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