Buon San Valentino!



Happy Valentines day from Italy! I couldn’t picture a better place to spend the day of love and chocolate. We were told last  night to dress up for a Valentines day lunch. We spent the morning in classes (which was very hard to focus in) but one of the boys in our group got every girl a candy bar which was sweet. Our director also likes to make us feel awkward and made the boys give the girls an Italian greetings (a kiss on each cheek).

After classes we were served a gourmet meal of spaghetti and meatballs, asparagus wrapped in bacon and cheese, bread, salad, cookies, cake, and chocolate. Molto Bene! Our directors wife and assistant director spent all morning making the dining room look beautiful. Unfortunately my pictures weren’t taken till afterwards so it doesn’t look as pretty, but it was gorgeous and we ate in candle light. Robbie gave everyone chocolate and then the boys left and came back in and gave every girl a rose. It was very sweet and a wonderful way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.



After our lunch party, we made  plans for the night and hung out at the villa for about 2 hours. I sat on the terrace with some people and soaked up the sun. It was our first day so far that it hasn’t rained since we got here! Around 4:30, all 18 girls (one has a boyfriend here) went out for girls night in Florence. Our first stop was to get a piercing (ear or nose) but we had a hard time finding a place. Some girls got theirs done in a pharmacy but it was super sketch so I didn’t do it. Then we headed to dinner in which I got a delicious margarita pizza. We decided to split into smaller groups after that because as much as a “girls night” sounded fun, it was more chaotic and unorganized.

So me, Allie H., Alli K. and Maddie headed to go look for a better piercing place. Well, as it turns out, we got EXTREMELY lost. We ended up in these alleys and had no idea where we were. Creepy men kept saying stuff to us and at one point this man was following us. I am so ashamed to say how long we were lost, but I’ll just tell you…two stinkin’ hours. I think we literally have the worst sense of direction of our whole group because even when we got a map, we were still lost an hour afterwards. We may have cried. We made it back to the villa 15 minutes before midnight and swore to never go to Florence again without boys who have a good sense of direction. We were able to laugh about it though and got gelato afterwards to eat our stressed feelings away. We have also promised not to tell anyone at our villa this story because we are convinced no one will free travel with us if they knew how lost we got haha.

That’s Valentines Day 2014 for you.


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