Mass and Class



This morning we had the option to attend a catholic mass or do your own thing. We were asked to sing some songs during the mass since going to a church of Christ school means you sing everywhere. It was a neat experience because I have been to mass before with my relatives so I had some previous knowledge of what to expect. However, some students have never been anywhere beside churches of Christ and had a bit of a culture shock. Like most of the buildings here, the church was beautiful with its fresco paintings and statues everywhere. It was an English mass so we were actually able to understand it. Afterwards we discussed the experience in class and I had to hold my tongue as some people were very closed minded about it and I couldn’t help but think of all my relatives they were offending. I realize we have some very different beliefs, but ultimately we believe in Jesus and that is the most important thing to have in common. And if you never worship with others, how will we ever become united under one God?

After mass, we came back to the villa for lunch and classes. I made some green tea in our two hour Bible class to help stay awake. I love sitting by the heater but sometimes it sends me into a sleepy daze.

I love, love, love it here but today was just one of those days. I was really annoyed with people and just wanted to go somewhere alone but there is literally NO WHERE. I wanted to hug my mom and dad, cuddle with my dog and watch Call the Midwife. Since that was impossible, I took a really long shower and listened to songs from Frozen. Then two girls came to me crying having the same kind of day and I felt a little better about my crummy mood. I think we have all reached the stage where we realize living with 40 people in one houses is hard and requires a lot of patience and sacrifice. Plus I think all this pasta is making me fat and wearing sweat pants to class and the same dress every Sunday doesn’t help. I did not come prepared in the nice clothes department…I literally have one nice outfit.

But tomorrow is a new day in ITALY and I’m going to make it great. For now though, me and Emily have some chocolate to eat before bed…we like to eat our feelings here when it’s 1:00AM.

One thought on “Mass and Class

  1. hope you enjoyed your time at catholic mass… lucky it was in english! I’ve been going to italian mass, and I have a book that shows me the mass in italian and english, but I can only following along with the italian cos they speak to fast for me to read the translation at the same time! … And you listen to the frozen songs? LOVE love LOVE frozen!!! Awesome! 🙂

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