Italian Happenings




1. Ice cream. Pretty much everyday.

2. A beautiful building in Florence.

3. A stray cat I found, named snowball, and tried to take  home but Ben wouldn’t let me. Emily took a picture so we could remember him.

(Before we start off, you should know the main reason I’m blogging so much is because I get to listen to the Frozen sound track while I blog and I can’t get enough of it.)

The past couple of days have been filled with classes at the villa and in Florence. On Monday we went to an Italian high school and were paired with a student. For an hour they were to teach us Italian and for the next hour we were to teach them English. All I am going to say, is the American school system has failed in the foreign language department. Most of the these kids were around sixteen and knew anywhere from 2-5 languages. I was paired with Tatiana, who was very sweet and shy. She is originally from Moldova and has only lived in Italy two years but speaks Italian fluently. She also knows English, French, and Russian. Her English was broken but was amazing compared to the five sentences I know how to say in Italian. Lets just say we talked in English 90% of the time. I think this was a really neat opportunity but we have only been learning Italian for two weeks and they expect us to know how to speak it for an hour…

Today we went to the Uffizi in Florence for a tour/three hour class. It was awesome having a tour guide point out the important pictures and explain things you normally wouldn’t notice. My favorite two paintings were the Primavera and The Birth of Venus by Botticelli. Our tour guide explained that Botticelli seemed to live and paint in a sort of dreamy fantasy. Both pictures depict beauty, fertility, and fantasy. The faces of the women intrigue me and ask me to question what their melancholy expressions mean. The pale pastel colors display a canvas of subtle beauty and mystery. I would have loved to meet Botticelli.

Tomorrow is our last day of classes before Rome! I have a lot of homework to do so that is going to be my afternoon after classes tomorrow. I’m also getting sick (stupid sinus infection) so maybe a day of rest will help me recover quicker. (I think I ate three oranges today.)  I cannot be sick for Rome.



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