From my Journal…



February 27,

I am currently sitting in a hammock outside, listening to the birds and bugs sing their little songs. The weather in Florence is absolutely perfect and warm for this normally chilly time of year. I don’t want to forget moments like this because they are what makes this trip abroad special. I always forget to not just explore nature, but to sit and listen to it. The best feeling comes with an incredible view after a hike or in moments like this, a one minute walk to the villa wildflower field. I’m ashamed it has taken me a month in italy to seek out a quiet place outside and appreciate the little things. I am thankful I am here. I am thankful for the friends I have found and learned to love in four short weeks. I am thankful for the opportunity to backpack around Europe this next week with friends. I am thankful for family and doctors who have helped me enjoy Italy to the fullest without anxiety or depression. I am thankful that in two months I will be home with my family for a whole summer. I’m thankful for what is to come- in Italy, at school, and in life.


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