Backpacking around Europe: Barcelona, Spain

Our independent free travel group spent 2 full days in Barcelona after leaving southern France. Barcelona was a beautiful city (another port city) with history, culture, and a lovely beach. The first day, we took a bike tour around the city and it was the most beautiful and fun way to see the city! I want to make bike tours a new tradition when I go to new cities. Our tour guide took us all around the city and we ended at the beach. The weather was amazing and we all had a wonderful time. They boys also managed to convince our tour guide that the southern states of America will rise and rule again.


We also visited the Sagrada Familia church in Barcelona designed by Gaudi. Gaudi was a phenomenal architect who designed the church without any straight lines. He loved nature and designed the church to resemble a cave on the outside and a forest with trees on the inside. (I have decided he is my favorite architect.) The church was massive and had the most beautiful stain glass windows everywhere. The church was designed to hold 1,000 singers and the round shapes of the ceiling made for the perfect acoustics. I couldn’t help but think of my mom in this church because she would LOVE it’s beauty and natural elements.



We went to two parks in Barcelona, Mount Juic and Park Guell. Both were on large hills that we climbed up and saw beautiful views of the city. Mount Juic had a castle at the top and a beautiful view of the port. Park Guell was my favorite because there were so many neat elements of the park. First we climbed to the top and watched the sunset (my favorite view in the world) then we explored the park. The hike down from the park was like walking through the secret garden. The landscape was beautiful and there were large pillars and marble canopies that felt like a step back in time.

The park is known for a long bench designed by Gaudi that is in the shape of a sea serpent (cause he did not like straight lines).  The bench is covered in the most beautiful designs and I’m pretty sure I would go there everyday if I lived there. (You should look up a picture because it’s hard to explain.) Next to the bench was a house designed by Gaudi that he lived in for 20 years. The minute I saw the house I fell in love. It looked like the house from a story book I would have loved as a child. I wanted to tour the house but it was already closed. However, if the inside was as cute as the outside, I have found my dream home.



We also had a girls night in Barcelona which was very fun and much needed. We got Paellas for dinner, walked around town, ate ice cream, and had girl talk all night long. (That’s why you should just have sisters, because it’s girls night every night.)


Spain was beautiful and a lot different then I expected, but in a good way. I really loved having nothing to do that day but explore the city. I am really trying to soak up all the moments on this trip even if it is hard for my type A personality to accept. (For instance, I wrote a speech last night at midnight over a book I didn’t read.) We stayed in hostels the whole trip which was new to me but I really enjoyed them and the cheap price. In Barcelona all eight of us shared a hostel with a community bathroom with the rest of the hostel which got a little hard but it was only three nights. Each night we shared our daily happies and crappies around a candle, cuddled, stayed up way to late, and ate Mars bars and gummy bears.

Our next independent travel is in two weeks which is CRAZY to think about already planning. I’m hoping to make it to Germany, Switzerland, and possibly the Czech Republic, we shall see.



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