Horseback Riding in Tuscany



Yesterday, me and 5 other students went horseback riding in the Tuscan hills. It was about a thirty minute drive from the villa to get to the stables and head to the hills. My horses name was Chicca (which means “coffee bean” in Italian) and she was great. She was one of the faster horses and I think we had a pretty trusting relationship because I braided her mane before we started. The ride was almost two hours long and it felt great to be riding again. I almost felt like I was back in Colorado with my sister. 🙂 The only weird thing about the ride was that our guide was a young Italian girl who looked like she was going through her rebellious stage and talked on the phone and smoked a pack of cigarettes while we were riding. Not your typical Italian cowgirl haha.

We also pasted by a snail breeding farm (for escargot) which was cool to see because I’ve never though of how they harvested snails. We went up and down hills, past lovely villas, and through creeks. The weather was PERFECT , sunny, high sixties, and a slight breeze. We had a lot of fun riding along, talking, joking and encouraging our horses.

After riding, our assistant director took us to get gelato in town. The name of the place was The Hazelnut Witch (in Italian, of course) and was really neat. It was decorated with witches hats and pictures of movie characters. I got strawberry and chocolate chip all the while thinking I will never be able to eat regular ice cream after three months of fresh gelato.

Tomorrow we leave again for a week of independent travel. No one is ready to leave the villa as we have been home since Sicily for only 3 days and are still exhausted. My group knows where we are going (Switzerland, Germany, and Austria!!) but literally that is it. We don’t have train tickets, hostels, or activities planned and it’s stressing me out but we have so much work to get done tonight that I don’t know when we are going to plan. All the groups feel the same so it’s understandable, however, I would love another couple days at the villa before we take off again. So far I am hoping to hike in Switzerland, go to a concentration camp and Neuschwanstein castle in Germany, and take a Sound of Music tour in Austria.

See y’all in a week!

P.S. This picture is for my family…Mrs. Pam made her cinnamon rolls last night for all the students and we were in heaven. Hope your mouth isn’t watering 😉



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