Southern Italy: The Island of Capri


While we were in Southern Italy we also went to Naples and Sorrento. Off the coast of Sorrento there is an Island called Capri which is about a 30 minute boat ride to get to. When we got to Capri, I could hardly believe my eyes. The island is made of beautiful rocks and cliffs with trees and caves all over. Immediately when we got there, we took a boat tour around the entire island. It was amazing. I don’t even know how to describe it but I could have died a happy women right there. God has placed beauty everywhere in this world.




The boat had a perfect seat in the back corner and I was able to see everything- the turquoise colored water, jelly fish, caves, coves, buildings, and all the beautiful formations around the island. If you ever go to Capri you HAVE to do a boat tour around the entire island. We were free after the boat tour to explore the island so I went with a group up the mountain where we ate lunch (one of my favorite pastas- marinara spaghetti, eggplant, olive oil, and mozzarella) and explored a little. I also bought a scarf that I was immediatly emotionally attached to. We ended our time on the island at the beach where we had rock throwing competitions (at each other and in the water) and soaked up our last moments in Capri.


That night our director took us all out for pizza and gelato at one of his favorite places in Sorrento. This is our 3rd time as a group going out for pizza all together and it is so fun. Me and Allie’s record is 12 pieces because when Robbie is paying (with our tuition money…), we eat as much as we can. Italian food will forever be my favorite.

We also went to Naples for a day and went to the National Archieological museum of Naples which holds thousands of artifacts from Pompei. The next day we went to Pompei and explored the ancient ruins for a couple hours. It was so amazing and nothing like I pictured Pompei. The ruins were still greatly intact and the town was HUGE. Plus, a 3rd of the city has not even been uncovered which I did not realize. You could see bakeries, cafes, houses, brothels, the ampatherater and arena and so much more. There were also some bodies they discovered which were very erie but fascinating. Their facial expressions were still evident and most were covering their mouths, as they died from inhaling fatal fumes, not hot lava. I though of my Dad a lot while exploring the city because I think he would love it. Plus people were making jokes that the arc of the covenant was probably in the 1/3rd of the city still burried.

Southern Italy was AWESOME! It was definitely my favorite group trip so far. If you want to know anymore about the places I went, just ask because I left a lot out!


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