Backpacking around Europe: Switzerland & Germany

We have been back from second free travel for a couple of days and I’ve taken too much time soaking up our beautiful sunny weather instead of blogging or getting work done. This past free travel I went to Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. I LOVED the places we went this free travel and all we were able to learn and experience. I was more exhausted then the last free travel but it was a good kind of exhausted because we were able to see SO much.




Our first day was spent in Interlaken, Switzerland. We had planned to do some hiking but it was snowy, foggy, and freezing. So we took a train up to Grindelwald which is a huge ski resort. The train ride up was my favorite part because we saw great views of the countryside. When we got up to the mountains, you couldn’t see any of them because the fog was so thick. So instead we walked around, had a snowball fight, and got some Swiss chocolate (Toblerone is amazing!) to eat on the train. We went down the mountain and walked around the town before we had to catch our 4:00 train to Munich. Switzerland was SO beautiful and I want to go back someday so I can actually see all the mountains.


While in Germany, our first day was spent at a 5 hour tour of Dachau concentration camp. This picture was of the gate entering the camp which say, “hard work sets you free” which was a big lie in regards to the camp. Our tour guide was Gordon who was from Ireland but had been living Munich for 15 years because of his passion for the Holocaust. He was an amazing tour guide and shed new light on so many aspects of the camp and the Natzis that I did not even realize. If you ever go to Dachau, you have to take a tour. The five hours flew by and my mind was in shock with all the information. Seeing the human ovens and walking in the gas chamber made me nauseous. The gas chamber could kill 150 people- men, women, and children, in 20 minutes. Needless to say, it was a humbling experience but also eye opening and important to here a non biased opinion.




Our last day in Germany, we took a two hour train to Neuschwanstein castle. I have been wanting to go to this castle for a very long time because it is the castle Walt Disney styled his princess castles after. We took a horse drawn carriage ride up to the castle and it started snowing. 🙂 The outside of the castle was AMAZING and everything I could have imagined. We took pictures and looked at the view for a very long time. Since  we had an hour wait till our tour, we grabbed some soft pretzels to snack on. Our tour of the castle was short because much of the castle in not complete because the king died during its construction. The inside was pretty but nothing compared to the incredible architecture on the outside.

The food we ate in Germany consisted of a lot of meat and potatoes. We went to a couple Beer Houses because those are a popular part of the culture and have cheaper food. We also went to the largest beer house in Europe and the atmosphere was really fun with a live band and so many people.

See you soon with an update on Austria!

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