Gelato in the Making




This past week, our group was able to go to a Gelato shop and learn how gelato is made. Our director had to fly to Memphis over spring break and picked up some jars of Good Spread to bring back to Italy. Good Spread is an awesome organization whose motto is:

When you buy a packet of our all-natural peanut butter, a malnourished child will receive an equivalent amount of therapeutic food.

You should definitely look into buying it if you see it in a store. Not only is it helping starving children, but it really does have an excellent taste. Two guys from my university started it after college and the organization is slowly, but efficiently growing.

Anyways, I got to be a part of creating the first Good Spread gelato! If this gelato actually became popular and started selling, that would be such a great break for this organization. We spread it to Italy! A group of us are going to go get some of it today so that it sells fast and they keep making it. 🙂

It was so neat to watch the process and learn about how fresh and natural gelato is. They use three kinds of sugar in gelato- corn sugar, cane sugar, and grape sugar which is really interesting. Gelato is also made fresh daily and has a lot less fat and preservatives then ice cream, which is made months in advance. Also, the milk fat is a much lower precent in gelato then in ice cream.

We made a plain version and a chocolate version of Good Spread gelato and got to taste-test both. They were really yummy and I hope the Italians agree! So next time you buy peanut butter (or are getting gelato in Italy) choose Good Spread!


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