Fiorentina Soccer Game





Today we went to a Fiorentina soccer game! The people of Florence are VERY proud of their team and covered the crowds with purple shirts and jerseys. They played against Udinese and won 2-1. The game was actually really fun and I watched pretty much every moment. We had a lot of fun cheering with the Italians, learning the fight song, and throwing confetti when they scored. I would actually love to go to another one except we leave Italy so soon. 😦

Today was also our last day to worship with the Church of Christ in Florence. We left with a bang and had a huge potluck with them consisting of BBQ, pasta and potato salad, and chocolate cake and gelato for dessert. It was a lot of fun, but extremely weird and sad to know we won’t be back.

This post was short and sweet because tomorrow is a free day and Me, Ali, Allie, and Michelle are planing our trip to Venice! We are hoping to make it to the glass and lace islands. We also sign up for classes tomorrow which is always stressful because the system always crashes and there is always a class or two I can’t get into.



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