Venice, Italy

Well, I am back from my semester in Italy. It’s hard to believe, because every morning I wake up hoping to see Florence out my window, but all I see is my swimming pool. However, I never finished blogging about my journeys so for the next couple of days, the adventures will live on!

Let’s talk about Venice, shall we? The sinking city, full of colorful houses and more boats than cars. We had a free day a couple of Mondays ago and me and a few friends hopped on a train to the bright and beautiful city.



We ended up only spending an hour or two in Venice because we headed straight to Murano and Burano- the glass and lace island. I had no idea these islands existed until I came to Italy, but they really are two separate islands off of Venice, dedicated to glass blowing and lace weaving. Murano (glass island) was neat but Burano (lace island) was BEAUTIFUL. Burano is how you picture Venice- the colorful and bright houses, lace markets and gelato everywhere, and green parks scattered throughout the island. I could have spent all day in Burano but sadly only got about two hours to walk around the lovely island. I bought my sisters some glass earrings from Murano and got myself a lace ornament from Burano.



We had a wonderful adventure spending a girls day in Venice, riding water taxi’s, and watching glass and lace be created. I would love to go back and spend more time there, but for the given time we had, it was a perfect day! If you’re planning  a trip to the sinking city, be sure to add Burano and Murano to your list.

See you soon with adventures of life in a ruined castle.



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