Italian Treats in the States


Ciao everyone, happy weekend! My week was great and full of fun with the kids I nanny for. We went to 3 parks this week, fed ducks and turtles, made snakes out of paper plates, read the Booklets Baking Boo-boo three times, rode bikes, learned to identify snapping turtles, and enjoyed some great laughs together. I am thankful for my job this summer, I got hired by a wonderful family who instill in their children good morals and discipline and who love each other very much. I’ve heard pros and cons to being a nanny, and so far the pros outweigh the cons for me. I’m really looking forward to taking them to swimming lessons soon.

Anyways, since it was Friday and my mom had two coupons (for 2 free drinks) we headed to a place I have been really excited to try. Dolce Italian Cafe and Bakery recently opened and since it claimed to be authentic Italian, I had to try it out. I sure miss the quaint yet hurried environment of the cafes in Italy. The staff were very friendly and the pastries and gelato are made fresh daily (I asked haha). They also serve lighter choices such as pizza, paninis, and salads. If you’re wondering who the lovely lady is in the picture, that is my beautiful mom. We chose a light pastry with vanilla cream and raspberries to split. She is actually holding my cafe latte to make the picture more “Italian” but she really drank a mango tea. My dad is the coffee drinker and my mom is the tea drinker. Obviously that means they are perfect for each other- life’s all about balance, right?

The cafe had a peaceful shaded seating area outside that was splendid and before we knew it, we had chatted way into dinner time. We both decided we will be back and want to support such a brilliant local business. 😉 What could be better then a taste of Italia in the states? Nevertheless, if you have a Dolce Cafe near you, I hope you will try it out soon. Italian cuisine is the very best.

Hope your weekend is terrific!


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