I went to Pilates today for a Barre and Tone workout, which is very similar to the current fitness craze, Purre Barre. It’s sort of a ballet inspired workout and I love it! I took ballet when I was younger and still regret quiting because I loved it so much. However, Nicole back then was very different then now and I just didn’t have the confidence that said I was good enough, so I quit in fear of failure. Anyways, I love this class (which is only offered on Wednesday!) and never tire of a good pilé session.

After breakfast I headed to work, where our first stop was Mcdonalds to knock out two birds with one stone: lunch and play time.


Despite a couple tears due to not receiving the “correct” toy, we had a great time. And I’m not going to lie, I love their unsweet tea with a pack of Truvia. 🙂 Also, there was a painting on the wall with trees and birds to which the 5 year old said, “Some people think trees are just homes for birds, but people can live in them too!” You would never guess that his current favorite TV show is Treehouse Masters.

Also, can we pause a moment and thank whoever invented pockets?



I found these gym shorts for $5 at the thrift store and was SO excited that they had pockets. I think I would be happy with every article of clothing I own to have cute pockets.


After work I came home and ate leftover spaghetti and strawberries for dinner. Watermelon comes in first for the best summer fruit, however; I believe strawberries are a close second.

Then I picked up the kitchen a bit and made some iced tea.



My mom and I will probably drink that whole pitcher (3 quarts) in two days.

Since I was still in a productive mood, I decided to whip up a new creation of bars I have been tweaking. They are currently cooling, but once I try them I will share the recipe soon!



Also, if you need a song to help you cheer up or jam to I suggest you keep it Classic. I kind of can’t stop listening to it.

What kind of tea brand do you usually drink? 


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