For the Love of Rain

Today was a very rainy day and I loved it! Something about rain is so comforting to me; I love my sunshine but, occasional rain makes me happy.

This morning I had an early doctors appointment, so I treated myself to Starbucks afterwards because I had a gift card. (I repaired some jewelry for my mom’s friend for no charge, but she ended up giving me a Starbucks card!)



Tall blond roast coffee with half & half and a pack of Splenda. 

I was very sad however that the Starbucks logo is no longer on the sleeve! It’s some quote from Oprah and the tea company they just bought. I am all for tea but you cannot take away the Starbucks logo and change the deep Starbucks green to trash green… (I know, talk about first world problems, right?)

Once I had my coffee/energy, I decided since I was out that I would stop at T.J.Maxx and look for a rehearsal dinner dress. Wow, I love T.J.Maxx. I have never really shopped there because I thought it was expensive but I loved my experience there today. The staff were all very friendly and their dress department was huge and inexpensive. I actually ended up finding a dress that I think will work good for the rehearsal dinner. It was under $30 and very comfortable and casual because that’s more my style and what I feel best in. I think it will also be a practical dress for teaching one day and is age appropriate.



Also, I managed to make it out of the store without buying a children’s book for my future classroom. (I have a stash of children’s book’s in the closet and cannot wait for my classroom to have a wonderful library to encourage reading.) It was hard, but I knew I could get better deals at Half Price Books.



Around noon my mom and I headed to my sisters apartment to help clean out her closet and go to a dress fitting. About 3 weeks left till the wedding…crazy exciting!!!


This picture is at my other sisters bridal shower less than a year ago…they are getting married within 10 months of each other. My dad is giving me 10 years till he pays for the next wedding. 😉

I also had a big thanks to give my sister because she bought my two little kiddos the most adorable bow ties! She knows the owner of Baby Bow Tie, plus there was a sale so it was the perfect time to buy them! I am giving them to the boys tomorrow and am really excited. Also, can we note how adorable the packaging is?? Its practical and cute, that way you can store them in the tins so they don’t get messed up or lost.



Once we finally made it home from the rain/traffic, we ate some chicken and veggie stew while watching Cake Boss. It was a rest day in the exercise department for me and it felt good. Rain equals rest.

Hope everyone is able to have a rejuvinating and fun weekend! What one thing are you most looking forward to this weekend?



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