Gone with the Week[end]

I took a break from blogging this weekend but wanted to tell you all some fun things that happened. Especially about my parents running a 5k together!



Early Saturday morning they had their race at  a beautiful park and rocked it. My dad even came in 3rd place and my mom wasn’t far behind! I was very proud of them and had fun being a cheerleader. (And eating Einstein’s Bagels at the end.)

After the run, my dad treated us to Dunkin Donuts. When we lived up North we went there all the time but they aren’t very popular in the south. We just got one in our town and I was excited to go. My mom and I got a bag full of munchkins to share and they tasted fantastic.


After the big race plus eating a giant bagel and donuts, I somehow still made my way to my favorite pilates workout class. It is only offered on Saturdays, so I really wanted to go because I only have a few Saturdays left at home. I didn’t really feel sick though, so you have the go ahead to eat donut holes before you workout. 😉

Also recently I used my growing basil plant to make fresh pesto pasta and it was delicious. The recipe was full of garlic cloves, walnuts, olive oil, basil, and parmesan.



It was delicious and so satisfying. I even ate it for breakfast one morning!

Some things I am looking forward to this week are work with my kiddos, lunch/thrift store shopping with a friend, and a haircut. After the four year old told me he loves my curly hair, the five-year old told me I needed a haircut. Thankfully for his sake, I was already getting my haircut this weekend. 😉

What are you looking forward to this week?




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