First Days

Today was my first day of classes for my sixth semester in college. Per usual, it feels weird to be back but also good. I started my day with the usual green tea to help me wake up. My sister gave me this for Christmas and it’s wonderful. Definitely made my morning a bit sweeter.



I did the whole class thing for the morning/afternoon, received¬†several syllabi (and thus became overwhelmed) and took a solid 2 1/2 hour nap after classes. It’s cold and windy and I never sleep well the night before my first day, so a nap seemed like the perfect solution. I needed to go to Walmart (I’ve been eating trail mix, crackers, and M n’ M’s all day) but the cold got the best of me today and I couldn’t force myself to go. Hopefully tomorrow I will have the motivation to grocery shop (or whenever I get sick of trail mix).


(Perks of being an Elementary Education major- sometimes we get to color.)

I saw some friends, went to the library to get organized, and spent the night finishing my latest book, Wedded to War. I love reading realistic fiction. I am now starting to read Serve God Save the Planet, which my sister recommended as a great book.


As you can tell, today was a pretty chill day but I like it that way. I know I will be sucked into the stress of the semester soon enough. But for now, I am going to get ready for bed and miss this little guys snuggles for the next four months.




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