Gone with the Week

We made it through the first week back to school! And thanks to the holiday tomorrow, I have a three day weekend. I enjoyed most of my classes this week and am excited to get the semester going. I also had orientation for my new job (pre-school teacher) and got my curriculum and schedule. I’m excited to get to mold young minds, serve the future generation, and spend time with my favorite people- kids!

I have not done much homework this week, however, I’ve stayed pretty busy.

Currently Reading: 

This weekend I am currently reading The Colonel’s Lady by Laura Frantz. I am halfway through and so far it is a great historical fiction/Christian fiction novel. I have really been into reading historical books about past wars lately (Unbroken, Wedded to War, The Colonel’s Lady…etc.). Also, lets just mention that everyone should read Unbroken because it is ten million times better then the movie. (And the Kindle price is also only $4.99!) I saw the movie first and thought it was good until I read the book. Sadly, the most important part of Louis life- the freedom, grace, and redemption from God was left out of the movie. I cannot help but feel Louis would be disappointed with the message of the movie.

Anyways, moral of the story is read the book whether you saw the movie or not.

Currently Listening to:


I downloaded Clarensau’s album Death Met Grace and I love it. They have some worship music albums and some regular albums. Their pandora station is also wonderful and is similar to The Civil Wars who are one of my favorite artists.

Currently Drinking:


I know. Could there be a better combination? Lola’s Almond Bliss coffee with girl scouts thin mints creamer. Since I realize coffee creamer is a danger sugar trap, I typically only drink this creamer on the weekends. During the week I mostly drink tea and the occasional latte, but on the weekends, I savor some sweet coffee.

Currently Exercising: 


My hope this semester is to be more active. I don’t have a strict schedule or goals, I just want to be healthy and have more energy. I’m hoping to workout every other day because I really feel a  million times better with the extra energy. I am not a fan of my schools 500 square foot tiny gym, so I have been using fitnessblender.com when I don’t want to go to the gym. I just started using this website but so far I love it. You pick your time, level of intensity, and what area you want to focus on and it gives you a list of videos that fit your description. It really is a website for all fitness levels and even if you only have 10 minutes you can get in a heart healthy workout.

I also go on walks a lot because I consider them exercise and I love the peacefulness of a walk.

Currently Writing: 


A week or so ago, I called my sister and had a slight breakdown. The realization of the near future of graduating and life being so different then I thought just got the best of me. I go through phases of anticipating the future and then fearing the future to the point of wondering why I am even here on earth. After an encouraging and raw pep talk, she encouraged me to write a list of goals for where you are right now. Not considering the future, just write what you would love to do right where you are.

I found this journal for $1.00 and quickly completed my list (and continue to add to it). I call it my 2015 “Reckless Reality.” And currently I’m filling the rest of the pages with encouragement, letters from people, scripture, and my never ending thoughts.

Currently Doing: 

Once I finish editing this blog post, I am going to make some lunch and then head to the library to work on homework. I hope everyone has a splendid Sunday and a merry holiday tomorrow.

Currently saving the best for last: 



Shout out to the world’s most wonderful and giving dad! Tomorrow is his birthday and I wish I could be home to take you to Dunkin Donuts and share some chocolate munchkins and coffee. I love you to the moon and every star and back. Thanks for loving me!


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