A friend and I decided we wanted to do a devotional together once a week in order to take some time out for the Lord and keep each other accountable for things. There are so many devotional books out there but we quickly just decided to try Images of His Beauty by Tracy Davis Steel. We have currently only done two sessions of it, so I will review it later. We chose Tuesday mornings because we have a solid two hour break.


This past session, we went to a local coffee shop right next to campus. They always have a tray of fresh baked scones at the checkout just waiting for you to give in. Somehow I have resisted until this week, and gosh have I been missing out! They are worth however many calories are in them (which I do not want to know). We split the Dark Chocolate Earl Gray scone and immediately we were taken back to Europe where delectable pastries were an everyday occurrence.


After eating this scone, we made a drastic life decision. When we graduate next year, we are going to backpack around Europe for a month on a scone tour. We will walk everywhere to stay in shape and never have to turn down a scone. I’ll do a full review on the blog. 😉


left to right: tea, smoothie, coffee, water

Side note, I think I have a drinking problem. These cups are all currently on my desk and consumed at various times today.

Congrats, we are halfway through the week!

Does anyone have any scone recipes to share? Favorite type of scone? 

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