Define: Love

Sometimes as humans, we get caught up in the idea that love is in a box of chocolates, a new iPhone, or a dream vacation.

This weekend, I learned that love is in fact much more complex.

Love is when you text your mom on Thursday that you need to get away. And in one day she has a plan ready.

Love is when your dad says go ahead, while he stays home to provide.

Love is when your mom drives four hours so that you only have to drive two.

Love is when your mom spends hours with you hiking trails and sitting by the lake.

Love is when your mom listens as you take a week’s worth of pain and tears and lay them in front of her.

Love is when your mom assures you that your life has a purpose. That sometimes girls can be so mean and hurtful. That being yourself should not be judged by others. That your past should not dictate your value. That you can’t be perfect. That no one is perfect, no matter the act they display. That God gave you grace so that you do not have to feel guilty every day. That being too sensitive can make life difficult. But that’s who you are.

Love is accepting others for who they are. Love is not trying to change those who are not like you.

Love is not passive aggressive. Love does not take more then it gives.

Love is a passion that must be maintained.





Mom and Dad, I love loving you.

Thanks for showing me love.



2 thoughts on “Define: Love

  1. I loved this! You have a great way with words. Honestly, I would like to do something similar for my mom. It sounds like you have an active mom. My mom and I are both introverted homebodies! But in particular when you mentioned that your mom reminds you of God’s love and grace.. That was so sweet and I can so relate! Blessings to you!

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