Gone with the Week

We are exactly four weeks away from spring break and I am very excited! We have been back at school for a month now, but it seems longer. I live by my  planner and it has to-do’s written on every line. It’s not too bad though, I enjoy my classes and working with my preschoolers so I typically do not dread Mondays.


Day #3 for free Chick-fil-a coffee. Free is my favorite word. (Group-project is my least favorite word.)

Currently Reading:


Since I last blogged my latest reads, I have read The Impossible Knife of Memory, Ashton Park, and Heaven is for Real.

I recommend the latter two books, but not The Impossible Knife of Memory. I was excited to read this book because it is a realistic fiction novel about an American soldier with PTSD (from our current war in the Middle East) and his daughter. The booked lacked emotion and was vague about events with the soldier. It was an okay book, just not my favorite.

However, I loved Ashton Park because it was a Christian fiction novel about a family during the war between England and Ireland. I haven’t seen Downton Abbey, but the book claims to be similar. I really want to read the next two books in the series (The Danforths of Lancashire) but they are not on the e-library for my kindle.

I am a bit late to jump on the Heaven is for Real train, but I am very glad to have read the book. I really want to believe it is true. I loved the descriptions of Jesus he used and it painted a clearer picture of heaven for me.

*side note: people often wonder how I have time to read while taking 17 hours, working part-time, and living the “college life.” Well, ever since my parents gave me a Kindle for Christmas, it goes everywhere with me. I am not a big social media person (the comparison factor isn’t good for my mental health 😉 so in between classes, or waiting for a friend or appointment or eating lunch in my room, you can find me reading on my kindle. 

Currently Listening: 


I have been listening to the series “A Beautiful Design” by Matt Chandler from the Village church. I have one more sermon left in the series and I have loved each sermon. I recommend it 100%. You can even get the village app and listen on your phone. I usually go to the gym and listen to a sermon.

 Currently Planning:


A Valentines Day party for my preschoolers!! Tomorrow I am going to the teacher’s resource center to make decorations, valentine bags, and crafts for the kiddos. I even had my mom mail me my Valentine’s Day teacher sweater so clearly it’s going to be the best party ever. (…This is what happens when you’re single on Valentines Day haha)

Currently Eating: 


Some friends and I made smores bars last night and ohmygoodness SO good.

The recipe is super easy and takes only about 10 minutes. All we needed was a camp fire and it would have been wonderful. Unfortunately, fire is not allowed in the dorms.

Currently doing: 


I am currently at Starbucks working on homework with two friends and savoring some creamy earl-gray tea. It’s a gloomy, chilly day and I am perfectly content with my window seat, tea, and homework.

Hope everyone has a lovely week!

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