Party with the Preschoolers

The preschool Valentines Day party was a hit! Two and a half year olds are kind of young for a big celebration, but we were able to create some fun memories. The holiday I remember the most from elementary school days is Valentines Day because I LOVED decorating a box and making valentine cards for my class. Therefore, I wanted to share some of those elements with my kiddos.



top left: How Do Dinosaurs Say I Love You? book + a coloring sheet of a Valentine dinosaur

top right: My homemade valentines cards made from paint strips (thanks Lowes!) with tootsie rolls attached

bottom left: Many, many strands of heart chains (which were created while I watched HGTV)

bottom right: Homemade owl bags that I saw a picture of on Pinterest and had to create


I got up really early to make sure I could get to work early and set everything up. Thank goodness I had my heart sweater ready to go.

I lined the bags up outside our class and during play time I took each kid out to put their Valentines in their friends bags. (It was great practice with fine motor skills and reading.)



After the bags, I hung up the heart chains on the door.



The girls loved them and the boys tried to tear them down…can’t win them all. 😉

And obviously, a party is not complete without some treats.



I made cookies and then some parents brought pink rice crispies, chocolate covered pretzels, apple juice, and fruit. (And we wondered why they were going crazy…)

Overall, I call it a success. I loved seeing the kids get really excited about the Valentines they brought. (One mom gave each kid a book as their Valentine which I loved.) We had a lot of fun and it reminded me how much fun holidays are when celebrated with children.

How did you celebrate Valentines Day as a child? 


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