Snow Days


We are currently on day two of classes cancelled due to snow and ice! This picture was taken today as the snow was melting, but yesterday everywhere was a sheet of ice.

When I woke up on Monday and saw classes were cancelled, I was too excited to sleep in so I got up and started baking.IMG_8043

You guessed it, more s’mores bars. This time however, I shared them with anyone who made the trek to my dorm. It was one of the best snow days.



By 11:00AM I had made s’mores bars and shamrock pretzels (recipe to come). I had also only eaten chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, and chocolate with caramel for breakfast and lunch. We have so many baked goods in our room right now and they taste even better on a snow day.

I also roasted some poatoes and veggies with cheese to get some substance. It lasted for a bit until a friend brought me chocolate covered pretzels and cookies and chocolate chip muffins.


Yesterday I read The Lions of Little Rock in one sitting. I am required to read it for a class, however; I loved it. It is a historical fiction book about the integration of schools in Little Rock. Definitely a must read.


This morning I walked to Starbucks to write a paper and on the way I stopped to check my mail. I had three Valentine cards and was very excited!

Unfortunately, it looks like we will be having school tomorrow because the ice has been melting all day. At least we only have three days till another weekend.


I am currently on my second episode of 19 Kids and Counting and this one just so happens to be Jill and Derek’s wedding. Wow, their relationship is so beautiful.  I think I have cried three times already. (Good thing we have plenty of chocolate in our apartment to eat while I console myself.)

I think it is reminding me a lot of my sisters weddings and sometimes I just don’t like growing up. I miss coloring and nap time; this figuring out life and constant change is sometimes hard. You grow up as a child with this fantasy of what life will be like and it couldn’t be any different. I kind of envy the Duggar’s simplistic lifestyle. Although, I don’t know how simple it is now that their life is broadcasted on TV.

Well, I am off to finish watching the Duggars and then start studying. Back to reality tomorrow! (But I’m still praying for more snow.)


One thought on “Snow Days

  1. I’m all snowed in from class too! Not complaining….those smores bars look delicious looks like you were more productive than most of us haha.

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