Gone with the Week[end]

Sorry I did not get around to posting the usual Gone with the Week this weekend. I came down with a fever Thursday night and was pretty much wiped out the whole weekend with a virus. (Thank goodness we had ANOTHER snow day on Friday.) While I was sick and stuck in my room, I read two books, worked on homework, watched a Property Brothers marathon on HGTV, and napped a lot.


Currently Reading: 

This weekend I read Taken by Norah McClintock and The Prince by Kiera Cass.

I read Taken because there is a waiting list for all the books I want to read from the e-library. It was about a girl who was kidnappaped and taken to a shack in the woods and left to die. The bulk of the story describes her survival in the woods. It was a good book but not great. It was very short and there wasn’t really a clear conclusion. But it was interesting for a quick read.

The Prince was a short novella from the Selection series which is one of my favorite series. I LOVED The Selection, The Elite, and The One. The Heir comes out in May and it’s already on my goodreads to read. If you have never read this series, think of The Hunger Games meets The Bachelor. (I have never watched the Bachelor but the concept of picking your spouse from a group is the idea.)



Also, I love this library’s campaign to get off social media and go read! If I was a high school or middle school teacher, I would hang this in my classroom.


Every Valentines Day my dad gives my sisters and I a special card and a giant candy bar. It is one of my favorite traditions and I have saved every single card since I was like six. The KitKat has already disappeared. 😉



I taught a shared reading lesson this week and realized I plan best while sitting on the floor because I can spread everything out. I felt like this lesson went better then my phonics lesson a few weeks ago. My teacher gave us some great words of wisdom, “Your lesson is never as good as people say but also never as bad as you think.”



I have worn my favorite scarf the past two days because it’s from Italy and this time last year I was in Rome. I miss Italy so much. I think I would love to live in Europe for a few years, maybe after college.

IMG_8091More fun in my night class- the snack this week was build your own bear cave (to use when you are teaching hibernation.)

Currently blog-loving: 

I have recently (as in like a month ago) started following two new blogs and I would like to share them with you because I LOVE them. Some people do social media, I do blogs.

Modern Mrs. Darcy : I do not think I could describe how much I enjoy this blog and admire the quiet passion this woman has for reading and a simple but full life. She’s bringing classy back and I love it.

Un-Fancy | a minimalist fashion blog: Not only do I love her style but I am intrigued at the idea of a capsule wardrobe and hope to organize one in my closet this summer. She shows the importance of a few high quality pieces and simplifying your wardrobe. Like my mom always says, “The more you own, the more it owns you.”

Stay warm.


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