Better Breakfast Challenge: Day 5/5!

Woohoo! Last day of the challenge! Hope you all enjoy either doing or reading this; I know I did. I’m definitely hoping to have another sort of “challenge” in the future. BBC Day 5 Mango Chobani greek yogurt and a gluten-free almond crunch granola bar I actually havent eaten the granola bar yet…I’m feeling a little sick to my […]

Better Breakfast Challenge: Day 4/5

So, I have really enjoyed this breakfast/workout challenge. It’s just what I needed to get me back into my groove 🙂 Last night I spent the night with my sister at her brand-new downtown apartment where we enjoy a gluten-free dinner, Soul Surfer and….a great breakfast to go along with my challenge! BBC Day 4 2 […]

Better Breakfast Challenge: Day 3/5

We are half way done!! Today’s post is going to be super short because I have soooo much to do. So, lets get to it! BBC Day 3: PB and strawberry jelly sandwich with a big chunk ‘o watermelon Breakfast was light and late today as I got home super late last night from my friends annual […]

Better Breakfast Challenge: Day 2/5

(Go here to read day one of the Better Breakfast Challenge) Hey friends! How was your breakfast this morning?? After possibly losing sleep last night thinking about what I should make for breakfast today, I created this beauty. BBC Day 2: 1/2 cup Greek yogurt (sweetened with half a pack of truvia…I’m still developing a […]

Better Breakfast Challenge: Day 1/5

My food choices as of lately have been any but food blog worthy. Eating out way to much, pizza munchies at 10:00pm, dessert after every meal….blah blah blah. Plus, breakfast has been the same exact thing for who knows how long. So in order to get myself back on track, I am challenging myself to a breakfast […]