Party with the Preschoolers

The preschool Valentines Day party was a hit! Two and a half year olds are kind of young for a big celebration, but we were able to create some fun memories. The holiday I remember the most from elementary school days is Valentines Day because I LOVED decorating a box and making valentine cards for […]

Gone with the Week

We are exactly four weeks away from spring break and I am very excited! We have been back at school for a month now, but it seems longer. I live by my  planner and it has to-do’s written on every line. It’s not too bad though, I enjoy my classes and working with my preschoolers […]

Educational Cookies

I have a night class each week for two hours called, Best Practices in Education. We basically learn all the up-to-date Common Core Standards and best teaching methods research is currently reporting. I enjoy the class for the most part (other than groups projects…I die a little inside when I hear a professor say group […]

Gone with the Week

I should have titled this post, “Gone with the Months” since these photos are all the way from the start of the semester to this past week. I can not believe how crazy busy/awesome this semester has been. The first couple weeks started off a little rough but it has been all up hill from […]

Sweaters and Pep Talks

Last night, as I was taking a break from homework, I was sitting on my bed enjoying some cafeteria food (ha!), watching old TV episodes of Bewitched (featuring my favorite, Elizabeth Montgomery), and I decided to get crafty. As many of you have probably seen, leg warmers under your boots are popping up everywhere. I […]

Semester Numero Two

Whoa. What a start to my second semester of college. I’m not going to lie, this semester started off noticeably harder than last semester. I got sick the second week and am still fighting off a sinus infection, classes are considerable harder (and more boring) than last semester, and I learned sometimes you must have […]

Holiday Ramblings

This post is short and sweet because there are deadlines to meet. Finals looming next week cause feelings that only a skinny caramel latte can complete. Starbucks Christmas Cups. Holiday Concerts. Tacky Christmas Sweaters. Christmas music [everyday]. Holiday parties. An excuse to be overly cheery everyday. Yes, this is truly the best time of the […]

Gone with the Week

1. I never got around to posting about it, but for our July 4th party, I made S’mores on a Stick. Super easy and fun to make/eat. 2. When we were in Colorado, we came across this house covered in licence plates. It was pretty awesome. 3. A childhood favorite. On our way home from Colorado, we […]

Crafts and Cooking

How was your Father’s Day Sunday? Ours was nice, relaxing, and yummy! Remember how my friend is home from Germany? Well we spent Saturday together and one thing we did was make homemade cards for our dads. (Yes, we are eighteen going on eight.) You see, I saw this card at Target I really wanted to […]