Tuesday Tidbits

I may be telling you the best news on the planet: Chick-fil-a is giving away free hot and iced coffee the entire month of February! Every. Single. Day. Allie and I have accepted to challenge to go as many days as possible. We went there today for our Tuesday devotional and have already planned to […]

Gone with the Week

We made it through the first week back to school! And thanks to the holiday tomorrow, I have a three day weekend. I enjoyed most of my classes this week and am excited to get the semester going. I also had orientation for my new job (pre-school teacher) and got my curriculum and schedule. I’m […]

Homemade {Healthy} Hot Chocolate

After trying many, many times to make my own hot chocolate and utterly failing (unsweetened cocoa is bitter) I have finally found the perfect blend. Not to mention it consists of only two ingredients and no added sugar. I really encourage you to try this recipe as store bought hot chocolate “powders” are loaded with […]

A Day in the City

Today I spent the afternoon with my sister and we went Christmas shopping, ate yummy food, talked about life, and watched a Christmas movie. I had such a fun time! We started the afternoon with lunch at Start. Also known as my new forever favorite restaurant. Their motto is Real Food Fast and they definitely […]

Friends, Family, & Fall

Hey everybody! How is the last day of September treating you? I am currently enjoying a caramel latte, so I would say it’s been a pretty good day. 🙂 This weekend was “Family Weekend” at my college and my parents came up Friday-Sunday to spoil spend time with me and get to know the campus […]

Spa Day

Well folks, it’s down to three more days till I leave for college. Yikes! Today my mom and I spent the morning at the Corinthian Wellness Spa and got “rejuvenating pedicures.” No, we do not go to the spa on a regular basis but we had two free $50 gift cards we got from a conference […]

Gone with the Week

1. I am going to just admit it- I have already started drinking hot chocolate and listening to Christmas music. It is never to early to get in the holiday season mood. 2. We went to the rodeo last night! It was a lot of fun however, I covered my eyes when they roped the […]