Snow Days

We are currently on day two of classes cancelled due to snow and ice! This picture was taken today as the snow was melting, but yesterday everywhere was a sheet of ice. When I woke up on Monday and saw classes were cancelled, I was too excited to sleep in so I got up and […]

Define: Love

Sometimes as humans, we get caught up in the idea that love is in a box of chocolates, a new iPhone, or a dream vacation. This weekend, I learned that love is in fact much more complex. Love is when you text your mom on Thursday that you need to get away. And in one […]

Gone with the Week

We made it through the first week back to school! And thanks to the holiday tomorrow, I have a three day weekend. I enjoyed most of my classes this week and am excited to get the semester going. I also had orientation for my new job (pre-school teacher) and got my curriculum and schedule. I’m […]

Gone with the Week

I should have titled this post, “Gone with the Months” since these photos are all the way from the start of the semester to this past week. I can not believe how crazy busy/awesome this semester has been. The first couple weeks started off a little rough but it has been all up hill from […]

First Semester Reflections.

First, I want to thank everyone for sticking with me and the blog as I transitioned through my first semester of college. I wasn’t really able to blog recipes or much of anything, but I still enjoyed writing every post I was able to. Thank YOU for hanging around. 🙂 College was great. My first […]