Gone with the Week[end]

Sorry I did not get around to posting the usual Gone with the Week this weekend. I came down with a fever Thursday night and was pretty much wiped out the whole weekend with a virus. (Thank goodness we had ANOTHER snow day on Friday.) While I was sick and stuck in my room, I […]

Gone with the Week

So far this summer has been really great. I love my job (nannying for two little boys), I’ve been able to catch up on sleep, get coffee with friends, and refresh my inner introvert. Although I wish to be in Italy almost daily, I am thankful for a happy summer.   Speaking of beautiful Italy, […]

Italian Treats in the States

Ciao everyone, happy weekend! My week was great and full of fun with the kids I nanny for. We went to 3 parks this week, fed ducks and turtles, made snakes out of paper plates, read the Booklets Baking Boo-boo three times, rode bikes, learned to identify snapping turtles, and enjoyed some great laughs together. I […]

Backpacking around Europe: Southern France

During my semester abroad in Italy, we have three weeks of independent travel where you form a group and plan trips around Europe. This past week was our first free travel and I went to Southern France and Barcelona, Spain. My group consisted of four boys and four girls ready to tackle our first independent […]

From my Journal…

February 27, I am currently sitting in a hammock outside, listening to the birds and bugs sing their little songs. The weather in Florence is absolutely perfect and warm for this normally chilly time of year. I don’t want to forget moments like this because they are what makes this trip abroad special. I always forget to not […]