Italian Treats in the States

Ciao everyone, happy weekend! My week was great and full of fun with the kids I nanny for. We went to 3 parks this week, fed ducks and turtles, made snakes out of paper plates, read the Booklets Baking Boo-boo three times, rode bikes, learned to identify snapping turtles, and enjoyed some great laughs together. I […]

Spring Break in Steamboat

I had an awesome opportunity this spring break to head to Steamboat Springs, Colorado with a friend and going skiing! I had a wonderful time on the trip skiing, meeting new people, cooking fun meals, exploring the local town, and remembering why I love Colorado so much. We stayed at a resort right at the […]

A Day in the City

Today I spent the afternoon with my sister and we went Christmas shopping, ate yummy food, talked about life, and watched a Christmas movie. I had such a fun time! We started the afternoon with lunch at Start. Also known as my new forever favorite restaurant. Their motto is Real Food Fast and they definitely […]

Mexican Thursday

Since I have now been in college for nine weeks, I decided it’s about time to share my favorite restaurant. Ok, actually I decided to because I went here three times last week with friends and need to confess this problem. Mi Pueblito has officially stolen my heart. The funny thing is, Mexican is usually one of […]

Spa Day

Well folks, it’s down to three more days till I leave for college. Yikes! Today my mom and I spent the morning at the Corinthian Wellness Spa and got “rejuvenating pedicures.” No, we do not go to the spa on a regular basis but we had two free $50 gift cards we got from a conference […]

Tiny Towns: Colorado Part 1

I’m back! Back from breezy, lovely Colorado. Boy was it hard to leave. Nothing like coming home to 100+ weather. I chose to call this blog post series about my vacation “Tiny Towns” because that’s where we were the whole time in Colorado. Denver, Aspen, and Colorado Springs never got a visit from us. Instead, […]

Larabar Love

Ever since I became interested in eating healthy and learning about nutrition, I’m always on the look out for healthy snacks on the go. And ever since the beginning, Larabar has been with me. They were one of the first healthy/all natural products I tried and have bought ever since. All Larabars are gluten-free also which is […]

Oatmeal Overview

Remember how I told you I was going to learn to like oatmeal? Well, after many experiments I think I will finally be able to incorporate it in my daily diet. [In no specific order, just the order that I ate them.] Banana Oatmeal The verdict? Not my favorite. I discovered I cannot do hot bananas. […]

Nut Butters and Confessions

Sorry for the week of absence, friends!! This week is finally over. It was a crazy busy week and well, you’ve heard the phrase, “When life happens, blogging doesn’t.” But what better way to welcome the weekend then with new food products? The awesome people over at Artisana Organic Foodssent me some lovely products to […]