Dorm Dining: Avocado and Egg Grilled Cheese

Well, the title has pretty much all the ingredients in it so for all you foodies, go ahead and get cooking. ┬áBut if you would like some instruction on how I made this simple and filling grilled cheese, follow along for some quick instructions. Avocado and Egg Grilled Cheese 1/4 and avocado 1 whole egg […]

Gone with the Week

What a couple busy weeks it has been! My phone is full of so many random pictures that I decided it was about time to post about. The college group at my church back home sent me a box full of [junk] food! It was so thoughtful of them. ­čÖé I saved the baked goods […]

What I Ate: Tuesday

I thought I would do a post of my eats┬áfor the day for two reason. One, I always try to get back into a healthy routine after vacation and two, my breakfast was pretty awesome. An egg sandwich┬áwith spinach, avocado, and tomatoes + a side of strawberries.┬áSo maybe it’s not┬áthat awesome to you but anytime […]

Tiny Towns: Colorado Part 2

After we left my sister and headed to another little town, we spent the next couple days in a quaint little cabin. The first two days we went on two beautiful hikes. The first trail was called “Mill Creek Castle” and the second trail was “Oh Be Joyful.” “Oh Be Joyful” was our personal favorite. […]

Crafts and Cooking

How was your Father’s Day Sunday? Ours was nice, relaxing, and yummy! Remember how my friend is home from Germany? Well we spent Saturday together and one thing we did was make homemade┬ácards for our dads. (Yes, we are eighteen going on eight.) You see, I saw this card at Target I really wanted to […]

A Day of Eats

Today I am going to show you my usual “day of eats.” I have been working on this post for a while, so I hope you like it! I have wanted to jump on the “What I Ate Wednesday” train, but unfortunately, never capture everything I eat on camera. So, I decided I would just […]

Egg Sandwich Recipe

Hey there! It has been a long time┬ásince you have seen one of these! Yes, I am finally posting a recipe. Save your hallelujah’s cause it could be a while till the next one. ­čśë This has by far been one of my favorite sandwiches to make. Plus, it is so simple and healthy and […]

Lunch Time

Hey, remember me? Yep, I’m still here….just a bit consumed with school and work. However, it’s going to be a 3 DAY WEEKEND!! I am planning a post especially for y’all. ­čÖé I forgot how hard it is to eat healthy during the school year….I do so much better in the summer. Up early, to […]