Party with the Preschoolers

The preschool Valentines Day party was a hit! Two and a half year olds are kind of young for a big celebration, but we were able to create some fun memories. The holiday I remember the most from elementary school days is Valentines Day because I LOVED decorating a box and making valentine cards for […]

Tuesday Tidbits

I may be telling you the best news on the planet: Chick-fil-a is giving away free hot and iced coffee the entire month of February! Every. Single. Day. Allie and I have accepted to challenge to go as many days as possible. We went there today for our Tuesday devotional and have already planned to […]

April Showers & May Flowers

April was so busy, yet fun. And now, May is flying by too! In April… I turned 18: It’s a Whole Foods birthday gift card! Get it? I think its beyond creative. Spent my birthday weekend in the amazing state of Colorado with my favorite outdoor guide: I also ate some yummy food on the trip, including […]


Eating Lately: I won a two pound bag of chia seeds from a Facebook giveaway from Chelsey and could not wait for them to come in  the mail. The first thing I put them on was an oatmeal pancake topped with greek yogurt, strawberries, chia seeds, and maple syrup (put on after photo).  Yum Yum….my […]

Sweet Tooth Therapy

If you haven’t noticed from my post’s lately, I have been consuming a lot of sugar. I have gone from one dessert a day to multiple desserts every day. From my daily dose of dark chocolate chips, to late night bowls ice cream after work, to Valentines Day goodies…I’ve been eating it all. And unfortunately, I have been […]

In Need of Energy.

Somedays, you just need a little extra something to get your day started. This week, the only motivating force that got me out of bed every morning was the thought of an energizing breakfast (okay and that it was one day closer to graduation). 3 egg whites, 1 egg yolk with sautéed mushrooms, squash, and zucchini + […]

A Day of Eats

Today I am going to show you my usual “day of eats.” I have been working on this post for a while, so I hope you like it! I have wanted to jump on the “What I Ate Wednesday” train, but unfortunately, never capture everything I eat on camera. So, I decided I would just […]

Wednesday Wonderings….

Why is it that we make time to exercise daily, but complain we don’t have enough time to spend with God and helping others? Why is it that we wake up early to exercise or go to that morning yoga class, but sigh when we have to wake up early Sunday morning for church? What are […]

The Gift of Friendship

Yesterday was one of those days. Today however, was not. After having a pretty rough day yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised to find a Caramel Latte from Starbucks (the best kind of drug ever!!) and a note in my locker from my very best friend. source We have both been holding each other accountable for different  things this […]

How to Make a Salad

Homework is consuming my life these days so instead of more yummy treats for you to drool over, I am sharing my “perspective essay” for english class with you because it is “How to Make a Salad.” (Now I’m off to write my explaining and descriptive essays…) Happy Sunday.      The word “salads” to many […]